Andrew Fly
Composer/ Sound Designer/ Junior Programmer

Cinematic Alpha's inception dates back to a project in 2019 when Andrew Fly embarked on a visionary quest: crafting compatible samples for Kontakt Full. The Cinematic Alpha libraries swiftly garnered the attention of renowned personalities in the realm of film composition, notably Tim Truman, Chris Hüelsbeck, and Iván Martínez Lacámara. Moreover, these libraries found their way into diverse series, such as the acclaimed Money Heist, sparking fervent international interest.
One standout triumph emerged from the library lineup: "VOCALS," a product brimming with vocal voices and phrases that resonated virally across the web within a mere 3 months of its debut. Andrew Fly, the trailblazing founder, composer, and sound designer, is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries. His commitment is evident in his mission to create tools tailored to every budget and memory capacity, ensuring that the world of soundscapes remains accessible to all.


Andrew Fly